It's official. I'm diving in.


 I have been wanting to watch this show for some time now.  I watch a few booktubers (book reviewers on YouTube).  I watched Polandanabooks go to comic con and she was raving about how much she loved Orphan Black. So I decided to look up the show and I was instantly pulled in.  I couldn't wait to start the show because I love all things Sci-Fi.  However, I'm not starting it until now because I have a bad obsession with Netflix and all the shows on it.  There is so much to watch that I haven't gotten to it until now.  



Episode 1




Wow. My thoughts on the opening scene exactly. 

This show is AMAZING.  Exactly what I was looking for in a show.  A little more nudity than I was expecting but really good.  This show has you questing what it going on every single second.  Not to mention the episode is gripping and intense at all moments as well.  This show I can already tell knows exactly how to do a cliff hanger.  Ending the episode with having Sarah meet a clone and then for her to get snipped in the head and her speeding away! Wow. That GIF sums up this episode. I can't wait to continue you on and watch the next episode.  

Sarah is an enthralling character.  She sees a woman that looks exactly like herself die by jumping in front of a train.  Than she goes on to take over her identity only to figure out she is way in over her head. Tatiana is an excellent actress and does such a great job.  Than there is Sarah's friend who makes the show a little lighter and not so heavy.  He is her gay best friend and I thoroughly enjoy the character.


Episode 2


It just keeps getting better and better.  We find out there are even more clones out there and for some reason they all know about each other except for Sarah.  We also learn that someone out there is hunting down all the clones and killing them off.  This episode was a great episode for getting more answers but also more questions.  The acting skill alone from Tatiana makes this episode a master piece.  WIthout her this show would not be what it is.  I love how different all of the clones are.  We've just met Alison Hendrix who is a soccer mom, who couldn't be more different than Sarah.  Excited to dive into the next episode!


Episode 3



This show just keeps getting better and better. I am eating it all up and loving it.  Clones. More clones. Just when I thought there wasn't going to be anymore there is! I can't wait to find out some more answers.  Huge props to the screen writers of the show because each episode is just as fantastic. Most of the time it takes a few episodes to get a show rolling but not this one. Many shows also suffer from either having a strong episode arc and not seasonal or a strong season arc but not episodes. Take the shows The Flash and Arrow. Arrow tends to have better season arcs but some episodes are lacking. Whereas The Flash tends to have strong episodes but not that strong when it comes to a full season arc. Others may disagree but most shows tend to have some great episodes, a few okay ones, and a few that are just a mess. As of now this show has been all strong ones.  


Episode 4


Holy guacamole. Helena is one bat crazy lady. Once again phenomenal acting by Tatiana.  The fact that she can play that many drastically different characters and in one show is crazy!  She does it so well also. It's hard to believe that it is all coming from one actress. I am so happy to see Alison working together with Sarah and in a positive way. I am guessing that Sarah was the original clone. It is probably the reason why she can have children and the others can not.  


Episode 5





We're finally getting somewhere with Paul. I was wondering if he was just going to be a side piece but things are really picking up. All the men or significant others of the clones look really suspicious. Alison's husband looks really guilty and so does Paul. However, by the end of the episode we find out that maybe Paul doesn't really know whats going on. I really hope that Sarah and Paul end up working together and maybe become a couple; but, that may just be the fan girl in me who is always shipping characters together on TV shows.


Episode 6



My Paul and Sarah fire keeps getting fueled. Loved the moment between them in the room to the garage to the apartment at the end. Really hoping they end up as a couple.  I also had a feeling this new french girl in Cosima's life was bad news. I wonder where that one is going to go. I still can't believe how involved Paul is in this show. I wonder how big of a role he is going to play in this show.


Episode 7


YES! More intimate scenes between Sarah and Paul. Just what I was wanting and even better yet we got a kiss. Yes their characters have kissed before but not as Paul and Sarah but as Sarah imitating Beth. We also got numerous questions answered and I can't wait to find out more.