"A young woman, born at the turn of the 20th century, is rendered ageless after an accident.  After many solitary years, she meets a man who complicates the eternal life she has settled into."-IMDB


     Adaline Bowman, our leading lady played by Blake Lively gets into an accident and dies.  However, as a comet is passing by lightening strikes her car and it resuscitates her, causing her to never age since that moment.  Always on the run she never gets to settle down due to people acknowledging the fact that she never ages.  Thus she is never able to fall in love completely because she ends up having to leave or move away.  Now Adaline has met a man called Ellis Jones whom she's completely fallen for.  She tries to push him away but he has fallen in love with her also.  Adaline goes with Ellis to meet his family for the weekend when she is reunited with his father; whom she was in love with in her past.  When she runs off she gets in a car accident and dies again; only to be yet again resuscitated as the comet is passing by 50 years later and she comes back to life only to realize that she is now able to age.  She can now grow old with Ellis.  

     The characters in this movie had decent chemistry, although I never felt completely pulled in to their love story.  Although I enjoyed the characters I felt as if Ellis and Adaline had some what of an insta-love story or at least for Ellis that is. Adaline (Blake Lively) and William Jones (Harrison Ford) had the best chemistry.  One felt drawn into whatever conversations they were having.  The feeling of the long lost unrequited love was also there which could be deeply felt on William's end.  You could feel the loss in his tone of voice.  It slows down and becomes a bit deeper.  The history that they had together could be felt even though they hadn't seen each other in decades.    

       The movie starts off a bit slow.  It doesn't really begin to pick up until Adaline visits and William recognizes her.  From then on out the movie is great.  Filled with emotion and great scenes it does not disappoint.  However, until you get to that point, it seems slightly dull and slow.  If the scenes between Ellis and Adaline were more raw and intense the first half would have been much more enjoyable.  

     I would recommend this movie to those who like romance movies, such as Hallmark and so on; it is a cute watch but it isn't anything special.