Wow!  This book really impressed me!  Although I had talked to the author previously and she was sending me the second book in the series, this is an honest review!  


The book has an interesting description, especially the part of a love triangle with two brothers!  Umm hello, awesome! I read this book on my kindle, and although I normally don't enjoy them as much as the real books that certainly wasn't the case.  I have been finding myself to starting to be affected by the material of a book whether it's a kindle edition of soft cover/hard back.


This book brought emotions out of me that I haven't felt in any other book in a long time.  For the first time ever I cried while reading a book!  Yes I know, you're probably like how is this the first time I have cried while reading a book.  Well I will tell you why.  A certain event that happens in this book pulled at my heart strings because I have also had the same loss Atancia experiences in this book.  


I have to admit that at first it took me awhile to get into the book.  That doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it, I just wasn't hooked/emotionally involved in a way that kept me from putting the book down.  However, after I got maybe 30% through the book I couldn't put it down.  A complete flip.  I then finished the book in the next day.  I would have stayed up that night to finish it but I had to work the next morning! Now I have finished it and can't wait to read the second!  No exaggeration in that!  Although I need to read other books.  I will probably binge on the second one so I know how the story ends!  Which brings me to a point of sadness in this only being a duology!  I want more!


Well now that you have heard me ramble a bit let me get on to what the book is actually about and break it down some more along with my thoughts of the different aspects of the book.


Atancia is our main character for this book.  She lives in Miami in the states with here Nana.  She is a teenager just like me and probably most of you!  She keeps herself busy with school work, attending school, and talking to friends.  Atancia is an interesting character in which I wouldn't say she is a strong character but when you read about all she goes though you may understand why.  My only problem with her in this book was I found her to be crying a lot which after awhile I was like really?  But on that note if what happened to her would happen to me, I would be the exact same way!  Which made her feel like a more realistic character in my eyes.



Ben is the lead love interest in this book.  He is from Australia and meets Atancia when he is in Miami, Florida where she lives.  He is a genuine and sweet guy.  He is a guy all us girls love to swoon over.  Ben is also very mysterious.  I never had any problems with his character.



I only had a slight issue with their relationship as in it felt very instantaneous.  I felt as soon as they saw each other it was an instant love connection, which is not how it happens in real life.  Regardless I found their relationship cute.


There are other relationships in this book that start to blossom towards the end of the book, which you can probably guess, which now finishing the book I am very excited for.  I said in my Goodreads update that I wouldn't know which guy to pick because of both being so amazing but after being shed some light on certain events at the end of the book I'm definitely on one team!



I enjoyed the world that the book was set in.  It was modern day but the book changes from being based in Miami to Australia to another destination right at the end.  I loved that because you got to be in different places and not get bored in one place.

I have always wanted to visit Australia which maybe made me like it a tad more than other people but regardless I found it entertaining.  



I really enjoyed the story line.  The characters have a supernatural element to them that I have never read about before.  I found it very interesting and addicting.  I could never not soak in enough about how they are what they are.  I will always find that aspect of them amazing!  Too bad people can't do that in real life!


The story seemed to keep at a good pace.  It wasn't slow (except at the beginning a little) but it wasn't fast either.  It progressed at a nice stage.  I believe the second book will be even more fast which I'm excited for.


For Atancia:

For Atancia is the second installment in this duology which I can not express enough how badly I want to read this book!  The author did an amazing job this book and I can't believe it isn't more popular!  I will definitely binge on the second book!