For Atancia is the second and final installment in the Durand Duology.  What a great and fun way to wrap up this duology!  I can say that it was the perfect amount of books.  If there were any more than two books the story may have dragged on a bit; however, just having the two books was the perfect amount.


Right after I finished Atancia the first installment I immediately wanted the second.  I couldn't get enough of the first and wanted to know more.  I wanted so bad that I asked the author to send me the second one also since she sent me the first.  When I received it that morning I opened it and starting reading. 


Although the author sent me this book it is an honest review.

I really enjoyed how different this book was compared to the first book Atancia.  There was a numerous amount of traveling in this book compared to the first one which I really enjoyed.  I like that I was traveling along with the characters.


Spoilers of the first book may be mentioned from now on.  You have been warned.


If you have read the first book than this will make sense to you but it will not spoil anything from the second book.



I love how much stronger Atancia becomes in this second installment.  She becomes stronger physically and mentally.  She doesn't let so much drama get to her and is always on guard.  She also is starting to become stronger as a durand. I thoroughly enjoyed Atancia twice as much than in the first book.



I have nothing but great things to say about this guy.  In the first book he is introduced to you as being one of Ben's brothers, in the second book you start to find out more about his family history and that not everything is as it seems.  Matt is a sweet, gentle, and kind hearted guy that every girl grows to love.  Matt has loved Atancia from the moment he met her...adorable.  He also doesn't take advantage of Atancia and is always making sure that he is there for her in any way she needs.  


Dream Team:

In this book you are introduced to what I love to call the dream team.  It is a group of people that Atancia and Matt pick up along the way that help the two out and become their protection program. The dream team is assembled slowly but surely and you can't help but love of them but one. Ritter grew to be my favorite of the dream team.  He is a charismatic man who looks out for everyone, particularly Matt, which you learn why through out the book as well.



The relationship that is brewing in this book is between Matt and Atancia, which I'm a huge fan of.  Go Team Matt! It doesn't happen right away like the romance in the first book so I appreciated that tremendously.  It gave the characters enough time to get to know each other and for you as the reader to get to know them.  


Throughout this book there are many other relationships as well with family members.  Atancia makes a bond with someone she has been longing to meet forever and Matt makes a bond with someone he never knew he would.  I really loved the Matt one because it was so sweet to see someone who wanted to watch over Matt. Someone who really cared for him.  



I once again enjoyed the world.  I loved that i knew the places that were being talked about and that they weren't fictional.  Don't get me wrong, I do love a great fictional world, but this was refreshing for a change.  This book was cool in the way the characters were always on the move from once place to the next.  They barely sat still and if they did it was only for a day or two.  In some way I felt as if I was traveling to all this characters with them.



Once again i enjoyed the story line.  This book was much more fast paced than the first.  I enjoyed that because it never slowed down.  Something exciting was always happening which made me want to keep reading.  I will always believe the whole concept of a durand and how they are what they are is awesome.  


I also thought it was really neat that the author changed perspectives for the second book.  The second book is told from Matt's point of view instead of Antancia's, which we see in the first book.  The only time it switches back to Atancia telling the story is briefly towards the end of the book which makes sense if you have read it.  I'm actually glad she changed it back because you got to see what happened on Atancia's side along with Matt's.  And I don't mean the same scene being told from both perspectives but and event occurs where the two are split apart.  You then hear what happens on both sides.  

All in all this was a good conclusion and it was an easy and fun read.  It was just what I needed to pull me out of the book hangover I was in previously.

Congrats Wren you wrote a great book!  Now it just needs the attention it deserves.